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  • The Evolution movement

    There's a movement starting in NYC. Here is it's mission statement:

    "The Evolution is a movement designed to increase awareness and adoption of blockchain technology. We who make up this movement believe that the current systems of finance and government are diseased and corrupted beyond repair. Given the history of deception and inequality (both financial and legal) within these systems, we believe the only way to truly evoke change is to transcend these obsolete systems and adopt a new system.

    We believe this new system is blockchain technology. The new systems built using blockchain technology are based upon truth, transparency, and good faith.

    We who make up The Evolution believe that the digital asset ADA holds truest to these principles. We also believe it to be the most secure and dependable blockchain based economy on the planet. It is for these reasons we have chosen the ADA symbol to represent The Evolution."

    If you're interested in DOING something to make the world a fairer, more truthful place, PM me and I'll give you the details on what we're doing.
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    This sounds great. Will definitely want to do so something soon when I have more time. Will message you to get more info then.


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      Cool. Here's more about it:

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