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Is E-mail Marketing dead?

Is email marketing dead, and should you even bother building an email campaign?

That’s what we’re going to talk about in this article.

The big question is: Should you bother building an email subscriber base today? 

To put it simply: YES!

Don’t neglect email marketing because it’s perhaps the most underrated and most under-utilized way and channel of promoting and getting business and nurturing subscribers and those who haven’t yet bought from you. 

This article will explain why email marketing should not be dismissed and why you should start right now today! 

With so many people relying on social media to build their followers, you know, getting their content out there, getting their message and their stories out there on places like Instagram, Facebook, even Tick-Tock. You know we can’t 100% rely on those platforms, and essentially, what you’re going to end up doing is putting all your eggs in one basket. With social media, they rely on algorithms, and that’s the only way to filter content relevant to particular groups of people or users. They can’t have humans sitting there in front of the computer and say: “oh hey, this piece of content will be relevant to this specific user.” So that’s where algorithms come in. 

Now how this relates to email marketing? With social media, because they rely on algorithms when you post something to your thousand followers, your post isn’t be seen by those thousand followers. That’s because it works by using algorithms. They send that out to a small fraction of your followers first to see the engagement, and if that gets high, let’s say, view time or whatever algorithm they use, then they’ll push it out to another group and another group and other people in those kinds of groups. 

In contrast with email marketing. When you broadcast or send out your email to, let’s say, 10 000 peoples, those 10 000 peoples will receive it. Of course, there are spam filters and the promotions tab, whatever it may be, but your email is still going to be sent out to your subscribers at the end of the day. There are no algorithms like social media, but there are things such as deliverability, which is an email marketing term. In terms of you know how your email will be sent out to another mail server and the factors that go in between. 

Another reason why you should start building an email subscriber base is that you’ll have more control over how many emails you want to send or how many messages you want to send to your followers. Also, you have more control in terms of backing up your subscriber base. With most email marketing platforms, you can export your leads or subscribers as a spreadsheet or whatever it may be and then save it to your computer. On the contrary, if your account gets hacked with social media, for instance, your Instagram account or Facebook, you know knock-on-wood. Maybe, that won’t happen, but you’ve probably seen it time and time again.

When you’re putting your eggs in that one basket, if your business heavily relies on social media or Instagram or Facebook, it is time for you to consider another platform, whether it’s email marketing or not.  I do highly suggest and recommend that to you, so you don’t have to depend on Social Media.

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